With the holidays just around the corner and the upcoming winter season approaching, many people want to be around loved ones to make special and long-lasting memories. Unlike years past, we need to be careful and very intentional when it comes to spending time with friends and family, as COVID-19 continues to spread across the United States.

Striking a healthy balance will be very important this season, as many of us have to balance two important priorities: spending quality time with loved ones while maintaining traditions, and keeping ourselves and our loved ones healthy and safe. Thankfully, there are many ways to make great memories this year while still being conscientious of the health crisis.

At Brain Body Health LLC, we are not only committed to providing superior wellness products to enhance your daily lifestyle, but we also believe it is important to provide relevant and beneficial information that can keep you healthy and informed. That’s why we have outlined a few unique and safe ways to stay connected with the ones you love this season.

Staying Connected Safely

Much of this year has been about adapting. From how we work, how we shop, how we parent, and more, we have stepped up and done what we needed to do to protect ourselves and our loved ones. This holiday season is no different. Even though it won’t be identical to previous years, we can still enjoy the company of our loved ones from a safe distance. For example:

Weekly digital dinner: Select a day of the week that works for friends and family near and far, and “meet“ on that day every week via video chat as a group. While it won’t be exactly like sitting at the same table, it is much safer and will still allow you to enjoy a meal together while engaging in lively conversation, sharing stories, and laughing.

Go for a socially distant hike: Spending quality time with loved ones outdoors is much safer than being inside. Bundle up and keep a safe distance, then go explore some beautiful natural terrain in your local area. Breathing in the fresh, crisp air and engaging in physical activity is good for your mind and body, and the conversations and time spent with family and friends will only make the activity more enjoyable and memorable. Another variation of this option is to go for a hike while wearing earbuds, communicating with friends or family while you explore, so it feels like you are “together.”

Bring back snail mail: In this fast-paced age of digital innovation, just about everyone is a text message or phone call away. While those options are wonderful and incredibly convenient, they can sometimes feel impersonal. This season, consider getting a stationery set, a box of blank cards, or postcards and take a few moments to write to a loved one. Putting pen to paper is coming back in style and when friends and family check the mail and find a handwritten note, they will feel more connected to you than they will with any text message. It might even become something that catches on and you could find notes in your mailbox soon, too!

Dine outdoors: Especially for holidays that traditionally feature families coming together, dining outdoors may be the safest and most ideal option. Of course, we have to remember that the upcoming celebrations are taking place in the winter, so this could be a little bit more challenging; However, if you take the proper precautions, this is an attractive option. In snow-prone areas, you may want to rent a canopy or a tent and plug-in some outdoor heaters or have a campfire nearby. In areas with a more mild winter, dressing in layers and wearing a hat and a scarf could make you feel perfectly comfortable. Make each place setting on your outdoor table a safe distance from one another and consider using disposable cutlery to avoid spreading germs, and make the very best of your outdoor holiday celebration!

Even though these are unique and creative options that might not be your first choice, they are still great ways to engage with family and friends in this very special time of year. With a little bit of patience and flexibility, we can enjoy the season without compromising the health and well-being of ourselves and our cherished family and friends.

Overcoming Obstacles

These ideas are great ways to connect with your loved ones, but there could be some challenges in making these options work. For instance:
  • If you plan on utilizing video chat, make sure your older or less tech-savvy family members receive help so that they can participate. Remember that not everyone understands the advancements in technology and it’s considerate to make sure no one feels left out.
  • If you decide to spend more time outdoors, like walking, hiking, and outdoor meals, remember to be prepared for the cool weather, wear the right shoes to avoid injury, stay hydrated, and take good care of your skin, as the harsh weather can make the skin on your face and body dry and cracked. Try adding an all-natural, hydrating wellness product to your routine, like a CBD-infused salve. With only five nourishing ingredients including organic beeswax and organic essential oils, you can soothe and protect your skin before and after your outdoor activities to avoid damage and discomfort. Brain Body Health LLC’s CBD Salve also makes a great gift!
  • If you plan on serving a meal outdoors, remember that hot food can get cold easily when served outside, so you may want to keep the hot food inside or invest in a few candle-powered chafing dishes to ensure that everyone enjoys a hot meal.
Gifts and food are not the most important part of the season – it is the people. While we have to resist the urge to throw our arms around our loved ones and hug them tightly to show our affection, we can still enjoy a season full of love, laughter, and happy memories.

Happy Holidays, From Brain Body Health LLC

At Brain Body Health LLC, we have become well-known in the wellness community as a brand you can trust for high-quality products, health and wellness tips, and a supportive team of experts here to help you on your journey toward improved health. If you are looking for last-minute gift ideas, we encourage you to visit our online shop for some of the nation’s most dependable and effective THC-free CBD-infused products.

In the meantime, have a great holiday season, stay well, and we look forward to seeing you healthy and happy in this upcoming year!