Wellness Partners

Resurrection Health
Janelle Pattengale RN, BSN

Janelle Pattengale RN, BSN, is a Holistic Nurse Coach with over 13 years of experience in Disease Management and Preventative Health Nursing. In addition, she provides a Mobile Fitness Boutique, including Concierge Micronutrient IV/Injectable Therapy, Fitness, Retail Athleisure-Wear, and Disease Management Nurse Consultations. Her passion is to give her clients the tools to prevent disease and live a healthy life! Thank you, Janelle, for allowing us to join you and bringing your passion for a balanced wellness approach to the Brain Body Health wellness partner community.
Carmel Wellness
David Coberly, DC

2776 E 146th Street
Carmel, IN 46033
Dr. David Coberly is the owner of Carmel Wellness, located in Carmel, Indiana. Dr. David and the Carmel Wellness team strive to provide specific corrective and wellness-based chiropractic care to those in our community who are “sick and tired of being sick and tired.” The Carmel Wellness team applies a root-cause approach to health. Along with exercise, whole food nutrition, and methods to decrease toxins exposure, Dr. David and his team believe your body has the best chance to be healthy, vibrant, and pain-free! We at Brain Body Health are happy to be part of the team, providing USDA certified, third-party tested, premium CBD products that engage with the body’s system for natural health
Burst Physical Therapy
Dr. Eric Oberst

1510 Continental Dr.
Zionsville, IN 46077
At BURST, Dr. Oberst believes in a total person approach with his; every patient will go through a comprehensive evaluation that looks at the ENTIRE body, not just a single symptom.
At BURST, we believe in a holistic approach to movement and wellness and strive to help you become more stress-resistant for a healthier and happier life. Thank you Dr. Oberst for your partnership and providing your patients with USDA certified Brain Body Health CBD products.
At Body & Soul Massage Therapy Victor and his team view each massage session as an opportunity to improve your wellbeing by keeping you active and living a life not limited by pain. Victor is the Official Massage Therapist for both the Indy Fuel hockey and the Indy Eleven soccer teams. He also worked with the 2020 USA Olympic Marathon Trials. Thank you, Victor, for using Brain Body Health’s natural superior plant-based products, enabling us to join you in your mission, and ours, to help heal the total person and providing these products to your clients.
At the Regenerative Health Institute, Dr. Derek Smith practices regenerative medicine, which develops methods to regrow, repair, or replace damaged joints and tissue by accessing the body’s superior biological structures we are born with. Brain Body Health’s natural products also use a system found throughout the human body, the endocannabinoid system, located in the brain, skin, and nervous system. Dr. Smith at the Regenerative Health Institute and Brain Body Health LLC both value the body’s natural healing abilities, and we are glad to be working with you, Dr. Derek Smith.

Indiana Regenerative Medicine Institute

8202 Clearvista Pkwy #9D
Indianapolis, Indiana, 46256

The Indiana Regenerative Medicine Institute Lead by Dr. Peachee specializes in the latest non-surgical interventions to treat chronic joint pain and other pain syndromes. This cutting-edge approach uses the body’s own ability to heal and repair the damage without using dangerous drugs or the possibility of developing addictions. Thank you, Dr. Peachee, and staff for making Brain Body Health high quality, 100% naturalTHC free, plant-based products available to your patients.
Antiques and Vintage Collectibles

45 S Main St
Zionsville, IN 46077
The Village Antique Mall, located on Zionsville’s historic Main Street, is 3000 square feet of sports memorabilia, collectibles, handmade items, and Brain Body Health’s line of premium CBD products. The store has everything from A to Z. Thank you to Marina Bedell for being our first retail outlet in the Zionsville area.
Golf Driving Range & Practice Center

2301 U.S. 421
Zionsville IN 46077
Zionsville Golf Practice Center is a 24-acre golf practice facility offering everything a player needs to improve and fine-tune their game. Golfers typically deal with joint and muscle discomfort. Thank you, Ted Clark and crew, for allowing Brain Body Health to provide premium CBD salve and sports cream for your golfing customers.
Personal Training & Fitness Center

12775 Horseferry Road
Carmel, Indiana 46032

Better Bodies Inc., Village of West Clay fitness center, staff works hard to provide a welcoming, safe environment to support your specific and personalized health goals, relieve everyday stress, and live a longer/healthy life. They do this by providing qualified trainers other holistic solutions. Thanks, Wilson for providing nutrition counseling, quality stress management solutions, and making Brain Body Health premium 100% natural plant-based CBD products available at your locations.

Personal Training & Fitness Center

111 Monument Circle, #152
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204
Better Bodies., Salesforce Tower: Fitness center providing personal training, physical therapy and massage therapy, and stress management. Thanks, Jesse, for providing Brain Body Health superior CBD products to your members
Personal Training & Fitness Center

7031 Mayflower Park Dr.
Zionsville, Indiana 46077
Better Bodies Inc., Zionsville, is not just a gym. Their health and wellness approach draws from education and training in, physical and massage therapy, nutrition and the mind-body connection (including mindfulness), life coaching, and whole-person health. Thank you, Mitch, for making Brain Body Health’s full line of plant-based CBD products part of helping people be the best version of themselves.