For most, in addition to friends, family, traditions, and the exchange of gifts, the holiday season centers around food. While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the many delicious treats and meals of the holidays, by the end of the season, many of us feel like we overindulged. In some cases, we feel like we have to compensate for those choices, so we make health and fitness-related New Year’s resolutions.

This holiday season, you can enjoy the festivities and traditions just as much you have in years past, but with the added intention of eating healthy, too. You can indulge while also striking a healthy balance, and we are here to help make it easy! We have compiled a few tips to help you savor everything you love about the season without any remorse.

Healthy Eating Tips for this Holiday Season

Unless you are on a strict diet, you probably give yourself anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks of flexibility to allow yourself to dig into every holiday treat you love, guilt-free. Unfortunately, once it’s over, you may notice that you’ve put on a few pounds, and you may even start feeling sluggish and fatigued. Thankfully, this can be avoided! Using these tips, you can still enjoy the things you love while still maintaining good health and energy throughout the season.

Tip 1: Keep a Journal

One of the reasons we overindulge, especially over the holidays, is because we tend to eat throughout the day without paying attention to what we consume. If you make an effort to make a note of the sweet treats and snacks you eat, you are very likely to consume much less while still enjoying those same treats. This simple act of accountability helps you keep track of what you intake, and it can even help you set goals to avoid overeating.

Tip 2: Portion Control

Most of us are guilty of this: as soon as dinner is ready, you fill your plate with all of your favorites with little room to spare. This practice is common when you see plenty of food you love, but it almost always leads to overeating. Instead, this season, try taking only one small scoop or portion of each of your favorites and make it a point to eat more slowly to enjoy every bite. Once you’re done with your plate, you will feel full and satisfied, without feeling uncomfortable and overfull.

Tip 3: Consume Vegetables, Fruit, and Whole Grains First

One of the ways to ensure that you are getting plenty of healthy nutrients is to consume the lighter, more nutritious options first, like salad, vegetables, fruit, and grains. This practice helps you intake more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants before you fill up on the other appealing options at your table.

Tip 4: Avoid Stress Eating

Even though the winter months are full of many things to look forward to, it also comes with challenges for some. Whether it’s the stress of the financial aspect of the holidays, the family gatherings, the gloomy weather, and more, for many people, the holidays can be stressful. As a coping mechanism, many people turn to food. This is not only unhealthy, but it doesn’t really help reduce stress at all.

This year consider incorporating an all-natural plant-derived product into your routine instead, like a fast-acting CBD Tincture. Tinctures are administered under the tongue and deliver the potent hemp-derived ingredients into your bloodstream quickly. Thousands of consumers trust CBD daily as a natural solution, and it is an ideal option to start and end your day in a healthy way rather than turning to food as a coping mechanism.

These tips are just a few of the many ways to take control of your diet this winter, helping you eat healthier and avoid feeling like you splurged too much over the holidays. Eating a little bit healthier this season will be good for your body and your self-esteem, so a small behavior change can make a big difference!

Enjoy the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Especially after the many challenges that came along with 2020, you deserve to enjoy the rest of this year to the fullest. To truly feel your best is to make a conscious effort to take good care of yourself so that you enter into the new year feeling healthy and happy.

In addition to the above tips, it may be helpful to incorporate exercise into your daily routine, a few minutes of personal time for deep breathing or meditation, and a high-quality CBD product.

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