Brain Body Health LLC is a THC-free CBD product line and wellness company based in the heart of the Midwest. We are Earl and Cathy Standish, Zionsville residents with a passion for encouraging healthy lifestyles in our community. This passion stems from our own experiences with mental and physical health and the inspiration we receive from two of our children who devotedly work in the healthcare industry. To better serve our community, we knew we wanted to take a natural approach. We turned to what we know best: the power of plants! Long before we set our sights on creating a healthier community, we spent our lives learning from and working with amazing plants. Earl has over 30 years of experience working in the agricultural seed and technology sector, Cathy has a background in agricultural economics and commodities trading. Placing our hope for a better solution in one of the earth’s most ancient and revered crops, hemp, was only natural.

At Brain Body Health LLC, our CBD products are made from phytocannabinoid rich hemp. Hemp has been used for centuries, but only recently has science shown us the health-promoting potential of the CBD compounds found in hemp. The body and its own endocannabinoid system work with CBD to regulate the nervous system and enhance wellness. With the brain and body in balance, homeostasis, CBD can effectively help with relief. The best news? CBD is just the start. We are constantly learning more about the benefits and potential of hemp and other natural wellness solutions.

Brain Body Health LLC’s superior CBD (THC-free) products are created in collaboration with some of the best talent and brightest researchers and extractors in the U.S. to offer the best plant-based therapeutic solutions to our Midwest neighbors. Our company sprouted from our own positive experiences with CBD – but it grew out of our passion for nature, wellness, and making a difference. Now, our simple mission is to help others live healthier and happier lives. CBD and the future of plant-based therapeutic solutions gives us a powerful tool to share a natural approach to wellness. The power of nature and the importance of community have always been healing resources for us, and ones that we hope to share with you through Brain Body Health LLC.

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